Intermediate I Photography Class – Monthly Subscription


Your Next Step

After you have completed our Beginning Photographers Class, you are ready to join our Intermediate I (One) photography class. This is the monthly subscription, if you want to pay in full please visit this page.

Month #1
Week 1 – Shooting in Manual (Review of Beginner Day 1 and hands-on practice)
Week 2 – Shooting in Manual (Review of Beginner Day 2 and hands-on practice)
Week 3 – Shooting in Manual (Equivalent Exposures and hands-on practice)
Week 4 – Size & Posing & Organizing your files and naming conventions

Month #2
Week 1 – Painting with Light
Week 2 – Meter modes and Spot Metering / Falloff
Week 3 – Black and white / Color as an anchor
Week 4 – Front/Rear curtain sync – Pop & Drag (Rear curtain sync) & long exposures

Month #3
Week 1 – Equipment recommendations and review – Speedlights & Off Camera Flash (Triggers)
Week 2 – Color Theory
Week 3 – Flare and Wash
Week 4 – Portfolio building, social media management, and pricing

By the end of this course, you will be one step further to graduation and ready to join our Intermediate II photography class.