Training aspiring photographers to become professionals since 2015.

Laura Jarosz has been my student since day one. Fast forward two years, I’ve seen her progress until she became a professional photographer in full bloom.

Last week she attended the Portfolio Building class, although her work was amazing and looked finished, she could shoot something that was a closer reflection of her heart.
Laura presented her image to the school. Instantly, everyone in the what knew Laura had accomplished. She had photographed something that was uninhibited, pure and a true reflection of her style.

Laura has also gained the respect of others outside of the Rio Grande Valley. This morning, the Fine Art Magazine Group selected and featured this image as the Top 10 of Children’s Photography. Congratulations Laura! You made this instructor very proud. Thank you for motivating others and reinforcing that I am making a difference down here in the Valley. Photographing your heart is not easy. Thus, this recognition is well deserved.

You can see more of Laura’s work here.