Training aspiring photographers to become professionals since 2015.

The “patch” is the highest honor a student can achieve at RGV Photography Workshops.

“This coveted award signifies that I, as an instructor, have nothing left to teach the student and that I now view the student as a peer”, says school instructor, Rafael Sepulveda.

It is a rare honor that very few students have achieved. Since the school began its operations in 2015, 350 students have passed through the school and only 9 have achieved this honor. Those who have received the “patch” have gone on to serve as valuable mentors to many of the school’s photography students, and most even run successful photography businesses.

This year, 4 students have earned this award. To celebrate the school’s most prestigious honor, all students and alumni are invited to a ceremony as Rafael presents the patches to the new honorees.

Current Patch Recipients: Fernando Sanin, Trish Motheral, Kimberly Boggus, Jaime Rubio, Laura Ramon Jarosz, Cristina Seal, Janell George, Ninfa Ramos, Crystal Kelly and Jackelin Trevino.

New Honorees: Sofia Avila, Joe Hinojosa, Cynthia Martinez and Juan Pinera.