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RGV Photography Workshops
Student Retro Project
Sylvia Cantu

Every year our intermediate and advanced students produce a retro shoot as a photography project.

They pick a decade, then choose a theme for their work. These projects are supposed reflect all the lessons they have learned, leading up to the Retro project.

This year, photography student, Sylvia Cantu seleted the 70’s, the disco ball, the shiny jacket, it was all there. On top of that her grandaughter has a flair for posing. Sylvia has done a really good job of learning children’s photography as a photography student.

Children's Photography Student Work 70's
Sylvia Cantu loves photographing children. In this image she is photographing her grandaughter .

Sylvia photographed using her strobes on a flat lighting setup. Flat lighting is pretty much the only way to photograph kids.

The school is proud of Sylvia and her use of props and clothing to pull this together.

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