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If you don’t know by now, RGV Photography Workshops has a mascot; the Catrina. Every year around this time, our advanced students team together to help each other create their own take on the “catrina”. Each student comes up with a concept, a theme or an idea, and together, the class works to assist the featured student during their shoot. Every catrina is unique in its own way. Some students choose to photograph models. Some photograph their children. Some shoots are outdoors, and some shoots are indoors. Although they are all different, they are all the same in that the class comes together to support, encourage and help each other achieve the desired final image.

This video features student, Diana Cantu, as she leads the class during her steampunk catrina shoot. Look closely, and you’ll see one of our own team members, Joanna Galindo, under that skull.

Interested in seeing all of the finished catrina shoot images from this season? Stay tuned for the school’s first ever Catrina Gallery & Open House. Details coming soon…